Dear Eunji

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Dear Eunji” is a place where I write to my dear friend Eunji who sadly took her life in February. It’s scary how despite how well you know somebody, or how well you think you know somebody, that you never really know what is going on in their mind, or how much you would miss them if they were no longer around. Eunji was my kindred spirit, one of my best friends, and the only person I loved enough to imagine a lifelong future with. Writing to her has become an outlet of sorts for me, a way to try and cope without her here. These writings are by far the most personal I have ever written online; I am both terrified by the idea of people reading them and anxious to write my thoughts out. This started as a traditional, paper, journal (which I am in the process of typing and posting here) that I am posting publicly because I want people to know not only about one of my best friends, but also what the people who love you (me) would go through if you suddenly decided that you can no longer go on.

Please if you ever feel like you can’t do this anymore, that there is nothing left for you here, that there’s nowhere for you to go, or that no one cares; know that I care. Know that there’s more to life than these demons that won’t let you sleep, and know that you don’t have to battle them alone, I’ll be right here. When you feel like you’d rather sink, let me help you swim.

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