YEPITSPAT / Pat Byrnes


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so I’ve realized, the first and last thing you ever said to me were the same thing and I’ve started to wonder if that was by accident or by design. I’m also starting to double guess about whether anything is truly a coincidence. I’ve started to notice things that you always got excited about everywhere I go. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m just more aware of them because I miss you or if you somehow are sending these things to me as some sort of sign. Also too many things that have been happening seem too specific to be a meer coincidence. I feel like me seeing a little girl wearing tiny versions of your exact shoes in the park hiding under the giant cherry blossom tree could be a coincidence, having her mother chasing after her yelling your name seems more like you sending me a sign that you are finally happy and free, that I no longer need to worry about you because you are finally reunited with your mother. I’ve also started finding pieces of you in everything I do, it’s as if you’ve somehow invaded my subconscious. Perhaps that’s just a way for me to cope without realizing that I’m even doing it, like as if you are still with me somehow. God, how much I miss you