YEPITSPAT / Pat Byrnes


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It’s been a year since I walked with you from Washington square park to the subway with all of your luggage, you were leaving the states to go back to Seoul. I asked you if you would stay, I hoped you would stay, you said you were homesick and for me not to worry because “this wasn’t goodbye, we’ll be together soon” that was the last day I saw you in person. You said that since I was going to move to Seoul, and if I hadn’t moved by november you said you would be back here, so it wouldn’t be too long till we were together again. You gave me a long hug and a short kiss, held my hands and told me that you would miss your plane if you stayed any longer; had I known that would’ve been the last time I held your hands I would’ve never let them go, maybe we would still be standing there holding hands.

Why couldnt you just stay?