YEPITSPAT / Pat Byrnes


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Remember last year how you got all upset that we missed the Cherry Blossom Festival on Roosevelt Island? Today I wound up there accidentally, you would have hated it. I kept thinking of how we were in Central Park that day, you sat reading, waiting for the crowd to get out of your light; I asked you what you were reading, you said something in Japanese I still don’t know. I thought you must have been homesick, but you said you were tired of all the people and how none of them had any interest in cherry blossoms until instagram; you were right about that. I kept thinking about that while fighting through crowds I had no idea would be there, all the people posing for their perfect post, to get as many likes as they possibly could, none of them were there for them, because they wanted to be. I kept looking for a girl sitting under the shade of a yoshino reading a book I don’t know about, they weren’t there… you weren’t there. I decided it was time to go, I was only trying to take the tram to get to Central Park anyway. Remember that time we waited a half an hour for it? The wait today would’ve been about four hours, so I walked back to Queens.