YEPITSPAT / Pat Byrnes


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Today is the Fourth of July and I can’t stop thinking about last year and how excited you were you were so much more excited than I was for it; probably more excited than I had ever been for it. Your excitement was really the deciding factor for me to go to the Long Island City waterfront, knowing what I do now I wish I was able to meet up with you but I couldn’t get anywhere near where you were because of the crowds and barricades. You kept saying that you wanted to watch them with me, so I came to meet you. You tried to play it off like it was okay that I couldn’t get near you, but I knew you were upset so I said “hopefully next year we can watch them together” but I guess you already knew you wouldn’t be in the states because you just smiled awkwardly and said, “hopefully”. Well I’m on the Brooklyn waterfront today, hopping from park to park because they keep kicking us out, I wish you were here