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Starting Now I'm Starting Over...

Starting now, I'm starting from a clean slate.  I'm not waiting for that whole "new year new me" cliché, I'm starting today.  Why put off progress? and why hold yourself back waiting for tomorrow?  I'll be the first person to tell you that I've been a pretty bad procrastinator, and I'm the furthest I could possibly be from well organized.  However I'm working on these things and I know that I'm going to have to work hard if I want to make some serious changes.  I also know that the pyramids were created in small steps, brick by brick, and after time.  I often find myself laying the brickwork down for big projects which I abandon and rarely return to.  So I'm throwing out a new rule here:  no new unfinished projects; either finish them or admit that they're as done as they'll ever be and move on.  Which brings me to my next new rule:  no new hangups, don't get all caught up on the past, let it go and move forward a little wiser and more sensible. I know my past will always be there, but I can't let it dictate my future, all I can do is learn from it.  What I've learned so far: I've spent too much time holding myself back, letting society dictate how I should live my life, and coming up with excuses for why they're all right.  Starting now I'm done letting others dictate my life, I'm done delaying happiness, I'm done holding myself back, starting now I'm starting over.

Don't Forget to Believe

I was upset, angry, and I'm not sorry