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Don't Forget to Believe

I find that I have to remind myself this pretty frequently these days, and often it's very hard to.  Some days are harder to believe than others, today started out as one of those days, yesterday was one of those days.  One of those days where nothing's gone right, and you just feel down, one of those days where you're not even sure why you're here.  Yesterday was one of those days where I couldn't believe that things would get better, where I couldn't believe that there was any reason to all of this.  Yesterday I almost gave up all hope.  I've heard it said but never fully understand it, "we all need a reason to believe" believe in something, anything.  I lost that for a second there, I lost my reason for being for a moment.  Don't forget to believe, I know this sounds weird, if you believe you just believe right? Maybe that's how it's supposed to be, maybe that's how it is for some people, maybe we all believe differently.  If you, like me, find yourself faltering, don't forget to believe.  Find something to believe in, anything, believe in yourself.  We are the ones we've been looking for; sometimes all we need to do is believe in ourselves, that we can pull ourselves through this, that we can pick ourselves back up from this, and that we can do this.   I'm still working on trying to accept the things in my life that I can't change, some days there seem to be more things than others, yesterday it was everything.  I was certain yesterday that I had no control over anything, I forgot to believe.  Today started out like yesterday, today I remembered to believe.

This must be it, welcome to the new year

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