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Lets Hope This Ends Well

I can't even express how I'm feeling these days, so I won't even try.  It just seems as if every possible thing that can go wrong has.  After contemplating all of these events long and hard I've come to the conclusion that it might just be best to let them all go.  After several years I'm letting go of the path that I was on, any hopes of progress with my current employment (of almost 9 years), many unfinished projects, my older website and blogs, grudges, several friends, and my long standing plans of becoming a professor.  It's all a bit scary, and I'm far from optimistic about it all, but it's also amazingly liberating taking back control of my own life, I'm focusing on me now.  Here's to changing directions in life. Here's to life outside of my comfort zone.  Here's to something new

Sidenote:  I'm not burning bridges with anybody, I'm just tired of putting in drastically more effort than my counterparts, if you need me, you know how to get in touch with me and I hope you do.

An open letter to America