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An open letter to America

I'd like to start by first addressing the reason so many Americans are angry or frightened.

Dear mr president-elect,

There are full communities of American citizens that have never really known a great America and you've only made things worse.  The things you have said and the promises you've made are already negatively affecting their lives and its apparent that their America, one in which you know nothing about, isn't going to be anywhere near great anytime soon.  By preaching hate you've validated many other hateful people and hate groups, to you the things you've said are just words, protected by the constitution, and that people shouldn't be offended so easily, but to most of us they have very real implications and physical consequences. I've had several personal friends tell me how they've been either verbally or physically assaulted since Election Day for discriminatory reasons by people who support you, by people who's hate you've validated.  These friends are only a very small number of a larger population of people who have been in similar situations. Their stories are all over the Internet and in police reports.  I've heard the "you can't hold trump accountable for these incidents" arguments since these incidents have started occurring, and maybe you're right, but the people committing these heinous acts feel as if these type of things are allowed and most of us are holding you personally responsible for that.  All of your promises and your rhetoric of hate lead us here, you and your supporters are making your America great again at the expense of making others' America worse.  

Dear Fellow Americans

This is why we're saying "not my president".  Not because we didn't vote for him, but because he represents an America that we don't approve of, one that doesn't approve of the rights of every American citizen. One that doesn't approve of our very right to be here.

Sleep? What's That?

Lets Hope This Ends Well