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I got your letter today, I wish it was an update from you telling me how you have been. I shouldn’t say letter, it was much more It was a whole package. I really wish it was a care package, sadly though it wasn’t. I’ve read, re-read, and read the letter numerous times, I’ve cried several times doing this. Part of me wants to break down, cry, and join you; so much of your pain was my pain too. We fought the same demons and had the same scars, I understand why you felt the way you did, I feel like I’ve felt that way too. It’s strange, I feel like I’ve been homesick since you left, I know that makes no sense since I didn’t go anywhere, it’s this weird feeling as if my home was with you; so you were completely right, I was hoping you’d stay in the states, oh how much I wish you stayed.  It’s scary, you saved me from myself so many times I lost track, I can’t explain how much I wish I was able to pay you back. So no, I don’t hate you for this, I could never hate you for this, you didn’t let me down, I failed you. I should’ve been there, I should’ve seen the signs, I should have reached out more, responded to my messages more. I should have been there for you when you needed me most. I should’ve been there.