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I'm So Over This

I know I know, everybody wants to see NYC at winter, but I have to say that I am so beyond over it.  It's all fine and dandy when you are watching the winter from your couch, the light snow falling leading to a relaxing snow day, or so Hollywood would have you think.  The truth is that when the snow falls your commute doubles, your neighbors shovel snow onto your property, and there's a good chance your car is going to either be hit by a plow or buried by one.  Suddenly that nice relaxing view of a nice snow day at best looks more like this mess pictured above where the sheet of ice on your windshield is freezing just as fast as it's melting and the road you're on is covered in slush and, wait what's that, right, more ice.  Like I said, I'm so over this

This is not freedom

This must be it, welcome to the new year