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I choose me

In case you haven't noticed, I am through censoring myself, what I believe to be right, and the things on my mind; I won't do it to appease anyone.  I am through trying to fit any preconceived notions of normality determined by people who only had monetary interests in mind.  In today's world, everybody has a take on how you should be living your life (some have a stake in it), but remember it's your life.  I am through listening to people who assume they know what my best interest is, you don't know what's in my mind any more than I your's.  I will accept honest and fair creative criticism, as only a fool marches forward blindly, but that's not the advice anyone is willing to give; everybody seems to want to dictate how I live my life, I have no time for that.  I refuse to compromise, to let society dictate who I should be, to not be myself. You forced me to choose between you or me and every ounce of me screamed me.

A short story

Don't Be Part of the Problem